The CC Group is a results driven development and commerce enterprise organization active in niche markets of western North America and created and operated by its principle, Lyle McDonough.

Commanding a successful business and development career spanning over 25 years, and with over 1,800 staff employees during this tenure, it has provided premium experience in business, management and real estate development possibilities, while presenting unique opportunities in creative and critical thinking.

With a firm business background, we are specialists in real estate and its development, from single family homes to multi-family phased developments, recreational property to mixed purpose developments.

We utilize cost effective, innovative and proven building concepts in use of material components, structures, designs and plans for our valued clients, in tailored applications of:

  • Proprietary developments
  • Joint venture developments
  • Contract development and construction
  • Full new home warranty on residential construction projects
  • Zoning and property use designation consultation
  • Single and multi-storied structures
  • Redevelopment of existing large scale structures, planning and development
  • Subdivision(s) of title consultation
  • Condominium planning consultation
  • Structured acquisitions
  • Civic and municipal consulting
  • Investment real estate development consultation
  • Development plans and presentations
  • Document packaging for structured financing
  • Lease consultation
  • Public-Private-Partnership (P3) consultation
  • Limited Partnership project consultation
  • REIT project consultation
  • Environmental consultation
  • Geotechnical consultation
  • Business & Industrial Park developments
  • Land assembly creation and agreements for development consultation, 3rd party review and oversight appointments
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control certifications (appropriate to jurisdiction)
  • Certified inspection(s) (appropriate to jurisdiction)
  • Mediation services in: land use, easements and right of ways, negotiation and renegotiation of agreements and rights, expropriation, land use consultation
  • Liaison consultation
  • Compliance review and certification(s) (appropriate to jurisdiction)

The CC Group through its development and consultation operations of:

The Crown Continental Group & The Crownwest Continental Group offers confidential strategies designed to provide qualified options to clients with such development and business requirements.

We operate by appointment only to qualified clients, and work under trust conditions and or bonded contracts, providing security to all parties on performance and funding matters and are very pleased offer the security of full warranty on construction projects.

Reference’s available.

We would be pleased to be of assistance to you in your quest for:
— Your new home
— Your development
— Your construction project
— Our “one stop” Commerce Group consultation services

Please email us (contact link below) with your full contact information and describe how and where we can help you obtain your goals, please provide as much detail as possible so we can give you the best information.

Let's get started on getting what you want to get accomplished as soon as possible — because our goals are results driven!

Lyle G. McDonough
Chief Development Officer,
Commerce Group CEO